Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Phishing Site Method (PHP programming)

Okay. Now for the cool method using php.
How it works is...

1) You spam victim(s) with the FAKE site link (make it attractive to click)
2) Victim clicks and it seems like they need to sign in
3) They sign in, you get password :)

The fake site is usually a subdomain. Like www.subdomain.domain.com
In action, it is like www.hotmail.fakedomain.com. Usually the 'fakedomain' is a short text.
So if you are brought to a sign in page, always check the URL. Make sure it is www.hotmail.com and not www.hotmail.fake.com :)

Hope you like it! XD

Monday, March 15, 2010

Simplest Way to hack 1

The easiest way for one to hack is..... PHISHING!

1) Create a dummy account (XXXXXXXXX@hotmail.com)

2) Get the victim email to send

3) Type in "Authority" message like:
"Dear Hotmail users,

This is a security mail from hotmail.
*write something here to convince them that you are hotmail staff*

Due to security reasons, we will need you to change your password to either one of these:

Please do it before *Date HERE*

4) Click send

5) Try to sign in using each of the passwords you have given them the next day. Wait for at least 3 days...


Sounds stupid? I know! But it works! Maybe not anymore but it WORKED! lol.
This is the most basic la.
This is for educational purposes only.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Simplest Way to hack 2

Hello! It's me again. Today I'm gonna let you know another method to get that password. This may be a bit not flexible, but it is still knowledge!

This method involves application. You can create this application using VB programming. And it works ONLY if you are sharing your computer with a friend.

Let's talk about how this application works.

1) The application is a FAKE msn messenger. The original msnmsgr.exe is being replaced with the fake one. (Look below, just replace that '.exe' file that is highlighted with the fake one)
2) Then you let your victim sign in.

3) They will find that they can't sign in. And of course they can't. But their typed password and account is installed in the PC (you decide where you want to store it).

4) When they are not around, go to the folder you make the program store for you and get their account details!

5) DONE!

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Virus Way of Hacking

This method is quite risky. But it's not so bad la. lol. It involves some sort of virus where it will store whatever you have type onto a '.txt' file. Then it will send the text file to your email at a regular interval. This application is usually known as keyloggers.

I won't describe this method in detail as I do not want it to fall into the wrong hands.

1) You create a program that record and save keyboard actions (what ppl type) in '.txt' file
2) Make the program send you the '.txt' file to your email at a regular interval
3) Send this application to your victim and ask them to open

There you go. :)

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Brute Force way (The surefire way)

The most torturing, boring and irritating way is the Bruce Force method.
This method takes a lot of time.

How it works?
- You get the email address of victim
- You gets a list of text (aaaaaaaaaaa - zzzzzzzzzzzz) and try to see if any of them is the password for the email
- Try all of the list of texts (usually MILLIONS of them) to sign in to the account
- If you can sign in, then you got it! lol

Because it is too troublesome to try one-by-one, programmers/hackers actually create a program(they call it bots) to do the testing for them. This is the reason why hotmail got that CAPTCHA whenever you tried signing in a LOT of times. :)