Sunday, March 14, 2010

Simplest Way to hack 2

Hello! It's me again. Today I'm gonna let you know another method to get that password. This may be a bit not flexible, but it is still knowledge!

This method involves application. You can create this application using VB programming. And it works ONLY if you are sharing your computer with a friend.

Let's talk about how this application works.

1) The application is a FAKE msn messenger. The original msnmsgr.exe is being replaced with the fake one. (Look below, just replace that '.exe' file that is highlighted with the fake one)
2) Then you let your victim sign in.

3) They will find that they can't sign in. And of course they can't. But their typed password and account is installed in the PC (you decide where you want to store it).

4) When they are not around, go to the folder you make the program store for you and get their account details!

5) DONE!

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